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Love and hate relationship

I love chewing gum, they are sweet and refreshing when I put them in my mouth.. I love them for 10-15 minutes… after that they lose taste and I wanted to throw them….. but being lazy it’s hard for me to walk and being ‘civilized’ I can’t throw them where I am sitting… and as enjoyed them for only 10-15 min I want to have more out of them… so I chew them for another 15-20 minutes… new my jaw started pain… I want to throw it asap… but because now it’s in my mouth for about 30 minutes… I developed a relationship…. and because of this love I somehow spent 30 more minutes with it…… now my jaws are really tired now… pain is unbearable…and the chewing gum became completely tasteless… I started hating it…. I spent another 20-30 minutes in this hate relationship… and after that… I say myself enough is enough…. No more suffering… I concur my laziness and put my emotions on side…. stand up and walk to the dustbin…and say a final good bye to my lovely chewing gum…

(it’s a true love story, partly inspired by a dialogue from the movie Tees Maar Khan)

दो किलो बासमती चावल

भारत से दो किलो बढ़िया बासमती चावल लेकर चले हैती की और.. अमेरिका में कस्टम अधिकारियों द्वारा रोक लिए गए.. बोला चावल ले जाना मना है.. बहस की कोई गुंजाईश नहीं.. भारी मन से चावल देकर बैग हल्का किया.. आगे चल बैग अगली फ्लाईट में चेक इन के लिए दे दिए.. गम दो किलो चावलों का था और ये भी कि आगे और चावल लाने का रास्ता भी बंद.. सोचते हुए दो मंजिल ऊपर चढ़ गए.. चावल छूटे तो छूटे अगली फ्लाईट तो नहीं छूटनी चाहिए.. जैसे ही सुरक्षा जांच कि लाइन में लगे एक वर्दीधारी मुझे खोजता हुआ आया.. मन में आया चावल तो ले लिए अब क्या दाल भी लोगे..पर बन्दा शरीफ था.. बोला "मिस्टर मोहनोत, अगर आपके आप वक्त है तो मेरे साथ वापस चलो, आपके चावल लौटाने है" घड़ी देखी पता चला फ्लाईट में अभी ६० मिनिट है.. उसके साथ जाया जा सकता है... रास्ते में बंदे में पांच बार माफी मांगी... बोला "सोरी मैंने ध्यान नहीं दिया, आप हैती जा रहें है. वहां चावल ले जा सकते है" बहुत अदब से बात कि, चावल लौटाए.. वापसी में दरवाजे तक छोड़ने आया.. मैं पुरे रास्ते सोचता रहा कि ये लोग कितने प्रोफेशनल है... गलत होने भी नही देते और गलत करते भी नहीं है... और ये ही चीजें भारत और अमेरिका में फर्क करती है...

Thanks Anna for your help

Thanks Anna for your help
Some random thoughts)

Today I want to thank Anaa for his help, he did a favor to me, and he did something which I couldn’t do myself for years. I always wanted this to happen; this was always one of my favorite topics for debate. Yes I am talking about “corruption”. I always feel that’s as a main problem but I couldn’t fight it myself. How can I fight with this BIG issue alone (by the way it was not so big when I started thinking about it, but it grew with my thoughts). I am a common man, lots for thing to do in life, so I never had time to raise my voice against corruption and to be honest with you I never had enough courage to raise my voice.. ok let’s not make it a ‘political correct statement’ today I want to confess even I was not having moral to raise my voice. I was always part of corrupt system and I took all the advantages from the system wherever I could take any. But I am happy now… Anna come forward and stood bravely.. thanks Anna for fighting MY battle…

So now we will have a corruption free society!! A corruption free nation!! What an achievement 5 days of strike and we got a transformed NATION. I never thought this can be so easy. Anna you deserve “Bharat Ratna”. I will take part in candle march to demand ‘Bharat Ratna’ for you. I Promise!!

But, but but….… who is responsible for corruption? ISI is responsible for that? or its China’s new plan to destabilize India? Is it Lashkar E Toyba or Jash Mohamaad? May be illegal Bangladeshi Immigrant or its Western conspiracy against India? Ohh so many outsides to Blame for many other things but NOT for corruption….

WE the people of India are SOLE responsible for corruption… We the people of India are politician, we are the bureaucrats, we are the Babus, we are the police, we are the civil servants.. we produce them.. they are born in our homes, they got education in our schools, they learn from our society.. we elect them, we pay money for selection in govt. services, we approach our know to speed up our task (on the cost of others)….

I am always busy… having a little or no time to spend in a long queue… I will try to find out any know or any known of my known and do my best to get things out of my turn and I feel PROUD of my contacts and approach…
I never ask my neighbor who is a public servant with a monthly salary of 15,000 rupees “How you can afford a big luxury car and few other flats in the city?” I see him going every day and wish If I could have a govt job?
We want corruption to go but please start with others. If A is corrupt, B is corrupt and I have all right to be corrupt. So start from A, B, C…. and come to me only if you are successful with all of them.. I want to be last.

I am unable to differentiate between a frauds of 2,00,00,00,00,000 (20,000 crores) or paying 20 rupees extra for buying a cinema ticket in black.
This is just a tool to do something after corruption happens…. It is reactive not preventive…. It may target corrupt (and dumb, because intelligent will find a mechanism to escape) politician/bureaucrats. This will NOT stop corruption.. this will not spot producing corrupt people..
“India against corruption” or “corruption free India” needs to wait.. wait for few more years.. decades.. let me achieve my personal goal.. then one day I will stand FIRM and say “NO” to corruption.. please wait till that time.. But Thanks Anna.. thanks again.. we are grateful to you.. hope you will understand my problem.

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