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Love and hate relationship

I love chewing gum, they are sweet and refreshing when I put them in my mouth.. I love them for 10-15 minutes… after that they lose taste and I wanted to throw them….. but being lazy it’s hard for me to walk and being ‘civilized’ I can’t throw them where I am sitting… and as enjoyed them for only 10-15 min I want to have more out of them… so I chew them for another 15-20 minutes… new my jaw started pain… I want to throw it asap… but because now it’s in my mouth for about 30 minutes… I developed a relationship…. and because of this love I somehow spent 30 more minutes with it…… now my jaws are really tired now… pain is unbearable…and the chewing gum became completely tasteless… I started hating it…. I spent another 20-30 minutes in this hate relationship… and after that… I say myself enough is enough…. No more suffering… I concur my laziness and put my emotions on side…. stand up and walk to the dustbin…and say a final good bye to my lovely chewing gum…

(it’s a true love story, partly inspired by a dialogue from the movie Tees Maar Khan)


Domain name India October 31, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

According to me, love and relationship are the sweet things in the world. No one can live without it.

SANDEEP PANWAR November 24, 2011 at 11:33 PM  

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